PCEL International

The Penn Center for Educational Leadership has a commitment to global leadership education and development.  From our inception we have developed and delivered customized programs to meet our client’s needs both across the United States and worldwide.  We have:

  • trained leadership teams from China;
  • supported private school development in Thailand and China;
  • provided technical assistance to New Zealand in distributed leadership; and
  • supported literacy development in Ireland. 

The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education has been committed to international programs and has sponsored multi-nation studies and evaluations for over 15 years.  PCEL is committed to support these efforts by creating connections to overseas schools and delivering customized leadership training abroad.  Our involvement in the joint doctoral with East China Normal University, and our Institute and exchange with Qingdao, China are examples of our ongoing commitment to formal and less-formal programming across the world.

For more information on PCEL International Opportunities:
Please contact us by phone at 215-573-5511, or by email at pcel@gse.upenn.edu