Penn Project for Civic Engagement: Press Coverage

Ready for Next Time? Rethinking the Jersey Shore After Sandy

Ready for next time? Rethinking the Jersey Shore after Sandy: June 24, 2013 / Newsworks: An announcement and overview of PPCE and WHYY's partnership to renvision the Jersey Shore after Superstorm Sandy.

Community Forums to Inform the Upper Darby School District 2013

U. Darby residents get in their 2 cents on school budget: April 11, 2013 / The Inquirer: Harris Sokoloff helps lead a discussion on Upper Darby's school district budget cuts as part of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement.

Stop the abuse: Rethinking the vending machine model of budget leadership: March 19, 2013 / AASAmultibriefs: Harris Sokoloff explains why the current way school boards and parents interact is abusive and talks about how the Penn Project for Civic Engagement creates a more useful alternative.

Upper Darby asks residents to weigh in on school budget cuts: February 18, 2013 / The Inquirer: District officials are working with the Penn Project for Civic Engagement in a series of community forums that will bring the budget dilemmas to the residents for consideration. Harris Sokoloff is helping give the residents a voice.

UDSD facing tough decisions on budget: April 28, 2013 / Daily Times: Penn Study for Civic Engagement, run by GSE Professor Harris Sokoloff, works with Upper Darby's school district to address a $9.7 million shortfall in the budget for the upcoming school year.

Upper Darby School District seeks input at budget forums: February 27, 2013 / Delaware County Daily Times: Harris Sokoloff discusses the upcoming “Tight Times, Tough Choices: Community Input into the District Budget" series where Upper Darby residents give their input on budget cuts. 

Upper Darby School District budget calls for tax hike, saves arts and music programs: May 1, 2013 / Delaware County Daily Times: UDSD Superintendent discusses the importance of PPCE's budget recommendations.

Upper Darby Schools unveil $165M budget: April 30, 2013 / A brief review of the new UDSD school budget, which was drafted with the help of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement.

Upper Darby School Budget Based on Citizen Input: April 30, 2013 / Philadelphia Inquirer:

Letter from the Editor: Banging the drum for music at Upper Darby: April 28, 2013 / Delaware County Daily Times: An editorial on the future of Upper Darby's renowned music program.

Upper Darby School District again facing tough decisions on budget: April 29, 2013 / Delaware County Daily Times: The public's feedback is discussed as a valuable part of tough budget decisions.

Letter: Upper Darby School District seeks input at budget forums: February 27, 2013 / Delaware County Times: An opion piece by Harris Sokoloff on the Upper Darby School District Budget forum.

Upper Darby Enlists Residents’ Help In Tackling School Deficit: February 27, 2013 / CBS3-KYW1060: Coverage of Upper Darby's budget shortfall and how Penn's Center for School Study Councils is responding.

UDSD Residents Scrutinize 2013-14 Budget: February 27, 2013 / Delaware County Times: Special on the examination of the Upper Darby School Districts Budget for next year by its residents. 

Editorial: U.D. Schools Seek Public's Help to Tame Budget Deficit: February 21, 2013 / Delaware County Times: Editorial by the Delaware County Times offers possible solutions on Upper Darby's Budget Gap

The Heron's Nest: Some good news out of Upper Darby: February 21, 2013 / Delaware County Times: Editor of the Delaware County Times Phil Heron comments on the solutions proposed by Penn and Upper Darby's School District for the school district's budget deficit. 

Upper Darby’s New Input On School: February 19, 2013 / Philadelphia Inquirer: Discussion of the feelings of Upper Darby residence in dealing with the school district's budget cuts. 

Upper Darby Residents Get in Their 2 Cents: March 12, 2013 / Philadelphia Inquirer: U. Darby residents get in their 2 cents on their school district's budget

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Action Plan

Forums seek a neighbor-friendly vision for Benjamin Franklin Parkway: July 30, 2012 / WHYY, Newsworks: Harris Sokoloff leads community engagement meetings focused on making the Ben Franklin Parkway a welcoming space as part of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement.

Forums to Inform the Search for the Next Leader of the School District of Philadelphia

Superintendent-search public discussions come to Leeds Middle School: February 23, 2012 / NewsWorks: Harris Sokoloff of GSE's Penn Project for Civic Engagement comment on the search for a new superintendent to run the School District of Philadelphia.

Old York Road Revitalization Group

Synagogues and Residents Unite to Revitalize Old York Road: October, 10, 2011 / The Philadelphia Inquirer: Harris Sokoloff and the Penn Project for Civic Engagement work with group revitalizing an inner-ring suburb.

Common Ground for Building Our City

The Case for City Zoning Reforms: December 13, 2010 / The Philadelphia Inquirer: Harris Sokoloff co-authors an op-ed about engaging citizen voices in zoning reform.

AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy

How To Have an "Adult Conversation" about Taxes: December 19, 2010 / WHYY Newsworks: Harris Sokoloffauthors an op-ed on how Congress might avoid partisan bickering as it debates tax reform.

The City Budget: Tight Times, Tough Choices

Let's Change the Rules for State Budget 'Game': January 8, 2012 / The Patriot-News: Harris Sokoloff shares his view on Pennsylvania's budget shortfall and suggests Governor Corbett engage the public in conversation to find solutions.

Community Forums on the Development of the Central Waterfront

We've come a long way, Philly: May 8, 2012 / The Philadelphia Inquirer: The Penn Project for Civic Engagement, run by Harris Sokoloff, is cited for its work on engaging the public in developing plans for the Delaware River waterfront.


How To Say Something That Might Make a Difference at Tomorrow's Redistricting Meeting: August 15, 2011 /The Philadelphia Inquirer It's Our Money Blog: Harris Sokoloff offers advice on citizen engagement.

Discussing "Race," Reconsidering Values: January 31, 2011 / WHYY Radio: Harris Sokoloff leads a discussion on racial issues as illustrated by a new David Mamet play.