Leadership Dynamics

Certificate Program in Leadership Dynamics

This professional development program, which focuses on leadership thinking, is a unique synthesis of research and theory in cognitive science and lessons from cases of leadership in extremis (in extreme circumstances). It combines these two areas of study to produce principles and strategies for the dynamic and complex challenges faced by contemporary leaders.

The courses in this program include:

  • The Contemporary Leader: Leading in an Age of Complexity
  • The Leader-Follower Dynamic: A Contemporary View of Teamwork
  • The Challenge of Change: Leading an Agile Organization
  • Expert Decision Making: Hard Thinking for an Uncertain World
  • Leading in a Culture: Aligning Energies for High Performance
  • Mind Power: Tapping the Genius of Teams
  • When You’re Asked to Do the Impossible: Leadership When the Stakes are Highest
  • Crisis Leadership: Preventing, Containing, Restoring, Learning
  • The Educator as Design Thinker: The How and the Why (for Educators)
  • Strategic Insight: Innovative Thinking in War, Business, Science and Design (for Government & Business)
  • Optimizing Strategic Thinking: Enhancing Design & Avoiding Pitfalls (for Government & Business)

This program is offered by the Penn Center for Educational Leadership (PCEL) at the University of Pennsylvania and delivered by Ideatects, Inc. The successful completion of four courses by an individual earns the PCEL Certificate in Leadership Dynamics.

For more information, contact Penn Center for Educational Leadership, at 215-746-3213 or pcel@gse.upenn.edu.